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So You Want To Be A Celebrant?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

An Insider's Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Celebrancy. To the best job in the whole world. Where we get to go to weddings every week. Where we get to dress up in our best bib and tucker. Where we help bereaved families grieve for their loved ones.

“Being a Celebrant is a wonderful job. We write wonderful welcomes and gentle farewells. We celebrate, congratulate and hold space.”

We do all of those things and a whole lot more and, in this blog post, we are going to dive in to what being a Celebrant really means.

Celebrant Training

Our founders are both successful Wedding & Funeral Celebrants with successful #celebrantbusinesses in both the UK and Europe. After writing and delivering an online training course for another organisation during the pandemic, Jacqueline and Nikki decided, thanks to much encouragement from colleagues and past students, to start an organisation of their own. And The Celebrant Circle was born. More of that later.

We are both advocates of excellent professional celebrant training in order to prepare you to be the best you can be as a Wedding Celebrant or Funeral Celebrant.

Public Speaking

Are you happy speaking in front of people both intimate settings and in large crowds? This is a very important part of the job that we do. You will be networking with wedding and funeral suppliers, meeting couples and families in their own homes and online. There is a lot of speaking involved in this job! And theatre. As you gain confidence, your ability to ad lib develops and you feel more comfortable in front of an audience.

Nerves are normal and even professional actors will tell you that even the most seasoned professional suffers from nerves but you will be doing this all the time. We have strategies to help you during our professional celebrant training courses.

Creative Writing

An integral and important part of the job of a Professional Celebrant is writing beautiful bespoke wedding ceremonies and gentle farewells for bereaved families. Writing is a skill and we each bring our own unique style to our delivery.

During our celebrant training courses you will learn to structure a script, conduct successful 'interviews' with couples and families considering all the important details you need to capture in order to truly represent your couple in love or the dearly loved deceased.

We are experienced teachers with extensive knowledge of learning styles and difficulties and can advise students of a range of strategies to use if you find writing difficult.

The Celebrant Circle provides gold standard wedding celebrant and funeral celebrant training courses which are always live and offer ongoing support and membership of the Inner Circle.



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