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How To Choose Your Celebrant Training Provider

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

It can feel like a mindfield with so many options to choose from!

We have been there so know what you are thinking! There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that being a Celebrant is the best job in the whole world. But it isn't easy!

You don't just turn up on the day and read from a standard script. There is so much to learn and consider. That is why, to be an effective Wedding or Funeral Celebrant, training is vital. And on-going training too. We never stop learning.

This is why, researching potential training providers is vital - there are so many options and only you can decide what type of training is for you. There is lots to consider and we are going to discuss some of the options with you below.


This is the first question.

Our advice would be to really think about whether or not you are a disciplined person who is going to sit down and watch the video content if you decide on that path. For me, I have a real tendency to get distracted, my mind wanders, there is washing in the machine - in fact, 100 things I could and feel I should, be doing instead!

When we designed our Wedding Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant and combined Wedding, Family & Funeral Celebrant courses, we made the decision that all our courses would be LIVE, in-person.

You dedicate the time and you have real trainers who can answer every single question - no matter how trivial - there and then. Because those questions matter. We realise that, if you are working full time, setting aside time for in-person training is not easy and that is why we have flexible options.

Our three day wedding celebrant course and three day funeral celebrant course can be run over a weekend if we have enough interest to ensure you minimise your time out.


Stalk their social media! How many weddings and/or funerals have they completed? Are they a Celebrant now?

This is a very important consideration, because being a Wedding Celebrant or Funeral Celebrant is a very hands on job. We are lifelong learners. I never, ever, walk away from a ceremony I deliver without having learnt something.

Having live training, by experienced teachers, who are industry leaders, you benefit from their experience from the get-go. Top tips galore and no stone unturned to ensure that you start your celebrant business with the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Here at the Celebrant Circle we are qualified teachers and trainers who are successful Celebrants running our own businesses both in the UK and Europe so we have a wealth of experience to draw upon.


A controversial question perhaps? The long and the short of it is, at this moment in time, no!

Whilst legislation is under consideration for Celebrants to be able to conduct legal marriages and civil partnerships in the future, this is by no means certain.

No one knows if the existing vocational qualification course in Civil Celebrancy will even form part of the framework of any future training necessary to undertake legal marriages. And you absolutely don't need to do this qualification in order to be a successful working Celebrant.

We are both trained NOCN tutors, and assessors so have complete understanding of the pros and cons.

Our course has been designed to ensure you have all the knowledge, understanding and tools you need to start your Celebrant business the minute you finish your course! You will leave with a very long 'to-do' list - that's a given - but our intensive wedding celebrant and funeral celebrant programmes really do provide you with everything you need.


Please ask. It is important that you have all the tools you need when you leave the course to start your business. That isn't to say that you won't have lots of learning still to do.

Not everyone has knowledge of creating a website, setting up an Instagram account or getting to grips with Facebook. Running a business is tough!

You need to market yourself, network, keep good accounts, post on social media, write ceremonies, meet people in person and online using tools like Zoom and WhatsApp. There's a lot to it and that's why it is important that you are prepared with the signposts in place to fill the gaps in your knowledge. Here at the Celebrant Circle, we understand this and you can be assured that our comprehensive celebrant training courses will set you on the right path.


Another important consideration is whether your training provider supports you going forward or does your training finish when you finish your course.

Here at The Celebrant Circle, we offer two small group support sessions in the month after your course where you can ask or clarify any points from the training. All our celebrant training graduates have a one year membership of our Inner Circle Membership included in their training fee.

The Inner Circle is a community of supportive Celebrants providing a network of support, CPD, Masterclasses and a weekly Celebrant Surgery online for all members to join to discuss, collaborate and support each other. There is also an Inner Circle members only Facebook page.

A final word

Please don't give in your notice before you have completed the course. Having said that, you will be ready to start your business immediately. You will finish the course with that 'to-do' list to work through. Networking is key when you are setting yourself up. Marketing too. Lead times for weddings can be 6 months, a year or more. It takes time and consistent effort to establish yourself in the industry. The Celebrant Circle celebrant training course will give you the tools but, running your Celebrant business will take hard work and effort.

The Celebrant Circle: The Gold Standard in celebrant training. Comprehensive, live teaching for professional wedding celebrant and funeral celebrant certification. Create and deliver bespoke ceremonies, market and launch your own Celebrant business. We produce the best celebrants in the industry, provide excellent mentorship & support, in-person and online live teaching. Over 200 graduate Celebrants have been trained by our expert team.

Telephone: 0333 577 8700

The Celebrant Circle Ltd


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