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In the Celebrant Circle, we consider ‘Continual Professional Development’ to be a vital part of every successful celebrant’s toolkit. Inner Circle members have access to FREE, regular monthly C.P.D. opportunities.

All of our sessions are informative, targeted, enlightening, and (very importantly) a lot of fun.

We run a huge variety of options covering everything from business marketing to ceremony design and delivery – and a whole lot in between! With sessions delivered by guest speakers or the in-house training team, our C.P.D. is continually evolving, with our members’ requirements and requests at the forefront of all that we do. 

When it comes to training or membership organisations, we never forget you have a choice. 

So let us help you to get your Celebrant business fit and fired up, ready for 2024…and beyond!


Soul Doulas and Living Funerals

Monday 19th February - 7 - 9 pm

New session - join Shelley for a session on living funerals and eulogies.

Living funerals are still popular in Japan, but their popularity is spreading around the world including in the United States and now in the UK. A living funeral is a way to celebrate someone's life while they're still around. The event can vary considerably, depending on the wishes of the individuals.


We will look at marketing, planning, and delivering living funerals and living eulogies, as well as pricing and self-care. These are additional services you may wish to offer. There will be plenty of time for questions.


At the start of this session, you will have the opportunity to hear from Rachael Carter, who is a soul doula and TEDx speaker. She will be sharing information about her role and will answer any questions about the work she does.

Help, my Throat is Sore! Get Me Out of Here

Thursday 22nd February - 7 - 8 pm

New session - join us for an hour and be led by celebrant, and radio show host, Russ Kane, in how to look after the most important part of our body as a celebrant, our voice.

He will be giving us practical advice to warm up our voice before ceremonies and how to maintain this vital tool when we are battling sore throats, colds and bugs.

A session full of hints and tips, do's and don'ts.

Refresh and Refocus Day 2024

Thursday 29th February - 10 am - 12.30 pm and 1.30 - 4 pm

* Are you stuck in the Celebrant wilderness?

* ⁠Worried about others’ success but don’t know what to do?

* ⁠Perhaps you trained a while back and delayed getting your business off the ground?

* Maybe scratching your head to remember how to structure a wedding?

* ⁠Or just need a boot in the 🍑 to fire up your mojo?!!

Well….thank goodness we have the perfect antidote for you!

Inner Circle members exclusive.

Where other organisations ask for yet more money to attend refresher-type courses, we’re offering our members the opportunity to sign up for this. FREE, one-day CPD opportunity - guaranteed to Refresh & Refocus’ you and your business.,

Join Shelley and Jacqueline in the online classroom, where we will revisit and revise the basics of ceremony creation and help consolidate your know-how. We’ll troubleshoot marketing strategy, with the latest top tips and revitalise your online presence.

Don’t fret and worry in ceremonial silence, sign up and come back into the classroom. You know it makes sense!

SEO with Justine Coombes

Wednesday 6th March 7pm - 8.00 pm

SEO - what??? Is this how you feel?

Join us for a power hour with Justine Coombes, who will take the stress out of Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO helps our websites become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better. What's not to love?


SEO = super exciting opportunity!


More details to follow, but it's going to be a good one!

Life Stories and Love Stories

Tuesday 26th March 2 pm - 4.00 pm

How do we capture the life and love stories that we write about?


Jacqueline and Shelley will guide you through ideas for questionnaires for eulogies, weddings, vow renewals and more, along with what we need to know to create ceremony flow, stage directions and prompts.


More details to follow …

‘The 5 Essentials of a Contract’

Tuesday 21st May 7 pm- 8 pm

We're looking forward to welcoming Heather Stanford from Stanford Gould to advise us about the importance of contracts in our celebrant business.


Having worked in the wedding sector in recent years, with every possible sort of service provider from DJs to florists, wedding coordinators to venue stylists, she has been called ‘the Legal Fairy Godmother to the wedding industry’.


More details to follow …

Funerals - The Sharp End

Tuesday 11th June 7 - 9 pm

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of more difficult funerals?


Babies, children, suicide and murder - these are the 'Sharp End' of life funerals.

Join Shelley, Jacquline and John Glen as they give ideas, hints and tips for taking these funerals, along with self-care and what support is available.


More details to follow ...

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