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Here at the Celebrant Towers we are ALL about life-long learning - not just about our role as a Professional Celebrant but in all areas of our lives. Indeed, Nikki's favourite phrase in the office over these recent, crazy weeks has been a shout of  'we're learning every day!' 

Our Vision for the Celebant Circle's online 'Learning Lab' is to offer our members an array of interesting and thought provoking sessions, guaranteed to grab your attention and fire up your business skills. 

We will, of course, be looking at lots of 'Celebrancy-related' topics - directly aimed at uplifting and improving your ceremonial skill set. We'll be offering sessions on marketing, creative writing, blogging, creating rituals, and much more. 

However, have you ever given serious thought about your business policy when it comes to understanding and embracing inclusivity and diversity? Or disability and discrimination? And how about Health and Safety? Would you know how to conduct a Visual Risk Assessment or put together a Risk Assessment Document if asked by a venue or planner to supply one? (H & S and Risk Assessment sounds as dry as a stick but Jacquline actually makes this stuff quite interesting!) 


Watch out for bulletins on upcoming Learning Lab sessions. There will be morning, afternoon and evening sessions to choose from in an attempt to make the sessions available to  all of our members' with varying work patterns. We plan to offer these sessions on a rolling rota so if you can't make a particular date, watch out for the same session coming around again later in the year. .


The majority of Learning Lounge sessions will be free to members of the Inner Circle but there may be a small charge for certain sessions with additional content and take-away resources. 

Our Upcoming Sessions 


Our Celebrant Coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to continue as life-long learners.  Keeping up to date with the latest trends, reflect on your own practice and stay ahead of the competition!

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Our Recent Sessions 

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The Hashtag Conundrum

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