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with Jacqueline & Shelley

How is your Celebrant business doing? 

  • Are you giddy with excitement at the bookings flying in?  Or baffled and bemused, wondering why it's just not happening for you? 

  • Are you up-to-speed with marketing that is vibrant and eye-catching? Or bewildered and flummoxed about how to get your business onto the celebrant map?

  •  Are you awash with ceremony ideas and inspiration? Or stuck in the creative doldrums, in need of an imagination overhaul?

Then worry no more! 

The Celebrant Circle are delighted to invite you to book in for a 'Power Hour' with your choice of a training team member. Jacqueline and Shelley bring a wealth of experience, know-how and enthusiasm to the table, as well as a depth of knowledge second-to-none in the business.

How it works

You will be required to fill out a questionnaire in advance, explaining your business worries, dilemmas, and hopes for the session. 

After assessing your requirements, we’ll set up a meeting (at a mutually agreeable time) where together we’ll tease out and troubleshoot your problems - getting to the crux of the issues that may be holding you back. 

In exploring your USP, we'll work out what makes YOU tick as a Celebrant and how to capitalise on that wonderful uniqueness you bring to the table. 

We'll review and revamp your marketing strategy, challenge your fears around ceremony planning and delivery, and generally get you revved up and raring to go with innovative and proven methods, guaranteed to buck up your business and bring your celebrant mojo back online!

We want to see you succeed! So book your Power Hour and let's get cracking!

How to book your Power Hour

Please click on the link below to pay for your Power Hour.  After you have purchased we will be in touch to book a suitable date and time with you for the meeting. 


Once the booking has been confirmed, you will receive a Power Hour Questionnaire from us.


The questionnaire must be submitted at least five days prior to the meeting date.

Please note: there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for this service. Cancellations received less than 24 hours of the booking will be non-refundable.

Inner Circle Members £99.00 for one hour 

Non-Members £145.00

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