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Fiona Mac

Associate Trainer

Hello, it’s Fiona Mac here. I trained originally as a Professional Celebrant with Jacqueline and Shelley and absolutely love my job!  

I live and work in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. As a Founder Member of the Celebrant Circle, I know that the after-training support and care you will receive is the best in the business!

My background is in care, training, events management, public speaking, and presenting and I love to put my clients at the centre of my work. 

Weddings are totally joyous. Nosey by nature (in a good way!) I love listening to my couples’ love stories and researching the things that make them tick in order  to make their wedding ceremony magical, memorable, and completely bespoke. 

I’m also a very busy funeral celebrant and creating a funeral scripts that allow families the space to say goodbye, with kindness and dignity, is such an honour.

In addition to working as a Celebrant I have been a listening Samaritan and a trainer for over 30 years and I bring a wealth of experience to the Celebrant Circle classroom around working with families that experience a sudden or traumatic death.

As an avid equestrian, I love nothing more than galloping across the Berkshire Downs or taking our dog Fleur for a walk by the river Thames. Family is at the centre of my world, and I cherish lazy afternoons spent in the garden with loved ones after a leisurely lunch or BBQ in the sun.

As part of the Circle teaching team, I also lead and facilitate C.P.D. sessions and recently co-led an interactive session for our members, examining the importance of self-care for celebrants. In order to do our work well, it’s vital we know how best to look after ourselves – and by extension, our families and the families we work with – ensuring that we remain physically and mentally resilient, centred, and in control of our lives. 

Fiona Mac
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