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Wedding Celebrants UK
Civil Celebrant Training for Funerals and Weddings


The Consulting Room is open!

One of the challenges of working as a Professional Celebrant is that of working independently. While it’s fantastic to run your own business and be your own boss - choosing work that fits your lifestyle -  the downside of building a business as a sole trader is that it can sometimes feel a little lonely and isolated. Your home office (or dining room table) can feel like the loneliest place on the planet as you wrestle with a myriad of niggling worries.

 “How should I market myself?”
“I’ve lost my creative mojo.”
 “How do I increase my SEO?” 
“What makes a successful brand?”
“Is my website working for me?”
“What the heck is SEO…???” 
Civil Celebrant Training for Funerals and Weddings
“Is my website working for me?”

Worry no more!

Once a week, the Celebrant Surgery opens its welcoming doors for our Inner Circle members to pop in for a check up, some advice, or simply a soothing cuppa and a chat. 

We’ll discuss where you’re at with your business and what might be troubling you.


Perhaps you have a tricky ceremony coming up? A family meeting that didn't go well? Or a ‘Bridezilla’ is stressing you out?! 

Our job is a unique one and brings with it some interesting challenges. It’s joyful and we love it -  but it can also be stressful and cause us to worry. 

A problem shared is a problem halved - and sometimes even solved! So come on into the surgery and let’s talk. You're not alone out there!

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melt downs!

We hear you!

Let’s be honest, marketing IS a minefield and it’s no wonder many of us are deeply confused about how to approach this important facet of promoting our businesses. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of online courses, self-help books, and self-promoting ‘gurus’ out there, all guaranteeing phenomenal results for your business in little or no time at all.

Here at the Celebrant Circle we’re taking a slightly different approach, embracing a much more realistic and holistic approach to unraveling the mysteries of marketing.


Check in to our Marketing Surgery and let’s look at what might work as a cure for your ills. We’ll blow away the myths and ‘magic’ around getting your business well and truly pinned on the celebrant map and equip you with a solid understanding of how to trouble-shoot your business’s marketing needs and objectives.


As an Inner Circle member, you’ll have the opportunity to attend one of our Learning Lounge Masterclasses – why not use your free pass to gain entrance? Let us guide you through that minefield of marketing…oh, and we might just have some fun on the way! 

Book into the Marketing Surgery now, guaranteed to banish forever those marketing meltdowns.

Website Wobbles

We hear you!

Do you have a website? Do you like your website? Is your website working for or against you? Do you even need a website?  

Here in the Celebrant Circle we’ve all experienced a love/hate, do we/don’t we, relationship with our websites. They can be scary things, especially for the faint of heart and tech-phobes!


But don’t panic because website-wobbles-r-us. 

In the Website Surgery we invite you to come in, relax, and chill as we soothe your fevered brow and dispense gentle advice on all things website related.  Should I build my own site? How easy is it? Is it better to employ a professional? What are the costs? Which platform is most user friendly? How do I research and write brilliant content? What should I know about blogging? And what about SEO’s…?


Luckily, we’ve heard all of these questions (and many more!) over the years we’ve been training and mentoring celebrants. All of these worries will be discussed, and considered, before our advice is dispensed.

If you’re already an established celebrant but don’t yet have a website OR you do have a website but feel it’s a bit dull and lacklustre or tired and uninspiring.. then come on into the surgery!


As a Celebrant Circle member, you’ll get free initial advice, guidance and suggestions to get your website looking a little more sparkly and perky, guaranteed to grab potential clients’ attention.  Plus, you’ll get the chance to sign up for our one-day Website Busting Seminar at a discounted price.


Sign up now for the Website Surgery, the specialists are in! 

Website Design
Marketing Picture.png

Social Media Muddles

We hear you!

Perhaps you’re social media scared? (Or worse…scarred!) 

If you’re a new business and - despite your best efforts - your posts and content aren’t converting to solid enquiries and bookings?


It appears that an appointment at the Social Media Surgery is definitely one for your diary! 

We’ll look at everything from the basics upwards -  the rules of branding, how to create attention grabbing content, hooks, irresistible calls to action and SO much more.  

Working with you, our experienced team will troubleshoot your content and look over your shoulder as we guide you towards making those all-important first impressions, guaranteed to grab clients’ attention and get those bookings rolling in.


Don’t suffer in social media silence. Book into the Celebrant Surgery and get it sorted!  


We hear you!

It can be hard work building a successful celebrant business, we know…we’ve been there!


And sometimes our office (or dining room table) can feel like the loneliest place on the planet. It’s all very well reading and hearing people shouting about ‘getting out there’ and networking’.


As first-time sole traders and new business owners, networking is something that can seem quite daunting. Where to start? Who to talk to? What to say?

Well, we have an easily digested remedy for those networking nerves. Come into the Celebrant Circle’s unique Networking Surgery


Take a seat in the consulting room and we’ll chat things over with a cuppa (or cheeky beverage of choice!) in hand, and take an easily digestible bite into all things networking. Our tried and tested methods to get you out there and on the celebrant map and have you feeling SO much more confident about you business’s strategy and direction in 2022. 

Why not start by taking the first step and networking with us? Here. At TCC? You’ll find a friendly bunch of people with ideas and inspiration to get you up from that table and zooming into 2022 with vim and vigour!


Sign up for the Celebrant Surgery and come share your worries about Networking. You never know… you might actually enjoy it.

Networking Picture.png
Immersive training for Celebrants

The Celebrant Circle

The Gold Standard in celebrant training.  Comprehensive, live teaching for professional wedding celebrant and funeral celebrant certification.  Create and deliver bespoke ceremonies, market and launch your own Celebrant business.

We produce the best celebrants in the industry, provide excellent mentorship & support, in-person and online live teaching.  Over 200 graduate Celebrants have been trained by our expert team. 

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