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Image by Alexander Shatov



  • In the week prior to the prompt begin to take photos or videos for your #celebrantsaturday content.

  • Choose your #’s carefully - they need to be relevant to the post.

  • Check they’re not banned on -

  • Make sure your image is clear. 

  • Take time to write your text for your post. Don’t rush it. Curate it. 

  • Share each other's posts.

Use the hashtag #celebrantsaturday

Tag @celebrantcircleuk and @annashearscelebrant 


1st - About Me - introduce yourself. Feeling brave? Perhaps do a video. But needs to be a photo

8th - What is a Celebrant? 

15th - Why I’m a Celebrant - creating a connection point with how you help couples/families

22nd - My Day as a Celebrant - take a few pictures during the day and share as a reel

29th - My Favourite Peom or Reading - share via text or read on video


6th - Song/s I Love - funeral/wedding/etc

13th - Ceremony Ideas - Celebratory/Funeral

20th - Introduce a Unity Ritual - write a post/share a video/share a photo

27th - My Branding/Logo - share your logo/why did you choose the colours/expalin the connection with your business and it’s ethos


3rd - Venue Love

10th - Kind Words/Testimonials - share the love

17th - My View - where are you, or where have you been this week?

24th - Contact Details - share how people get in touch with you

31st - Quote  - that resonates with you


7th - Supplier Love - share the love for your favourite suppliers

14th - My Ideal Couple/Ceremony - your niche? Would you prefer to be woodland or chateau? Boho or high end. Crematorium or Pub Funeral. Share a description of your favourite style of ceremony

21st - Montage of Celebrant photos - look back over the last few months and create a montage of photos of your Summer

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