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Soul Doulas and Living Funerals

Monday 19th February 7 - 9 pm

  • Online

Course Description

New session - join Shelley for a session on living funerals and eulogies. Living funerals are still popular in Japan, but their popularity is spreading around the world including in the United States and now in the UK. A living funeral is a way to celebrate someone's life while they're still around. The event can vary considerably, depending on the wishes of the individuals. We will look at marketing, planning, and delivering living funerals and living eulogies, as well as pricing and self-care. These are additional services you may wish to offer. There will be plenty of time for questions. At the start of this session, you will have the opportunity to hear from Rachael Carter, who is a soul doula and TEDx speaker. She will be sharing information about her role and will answer any questions about the work she does. Members-only session - free to all members

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